Introducing Ferret®, a state-of-the-art APT solution based on DNS
Ferret® detects unknown threats in real time, you can immediately recognize the threat and mitigate the damage.

Ferret employ most advanced visualization approaches to help a user easily understand a large amount of abstract data and intuitively perceive the situation. It also helps to identify types of threats and mitigate the damage caused by them. Ferret helps administrators easily understand complex network conditions and the complex structure of botnets, thus mitigating disruptions from APT.




Geolocation Tracking

Unknown Threats

Intuitive visualization


(Cylindrical Coordinates Security Visualization)

Ferret's CCSvis is a new and innovative visualization technology designed to be optimized for botnet detection. The DNS querying relationship between the bot and the C&C server consists of a very complex graph structure known as a mathematical challenge. CCSvis is a state-of-the-art technology that quickly visualizes botnets in the network's big data and presents them in patterns that security administrators can easily recognize.

Malware Earth™ & Malware Map™

Ferret works with our GBGS™ (Global Botnet Geolocation System) to track more than 100,000 C&C (Command and Control) servers and bots per second with 99.5% accuracy and 16,000 times faster than traditional location information services. You can easily observe C&Cs and bots that is spread around the world, and you can see APT statistics by country and city.

Malware Report™

Malware reports provide more information about APT and DNS. Users select the desired date range and provide them as graphs and tables by year, month and week. It also provides Excel export.